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  1. Minty Punk Console

    Being the digital creature I am by day I wanted to play around with something purely analog at night. Some Googling surfaced a fun toy, the "Hello World" of analog synthesizer projects; The Atari Punk Console. Quickly breadboarding this little gem I decided to see how portable I could make…

    Maker, Toys, Analog, 555

  2. Using a Bus Pirate to Connect to a Raspberry Pi

    The other day I found myself with a Rasberry Pi that I wanted to use but I had forgotten my FTDI UART cable. What I did have is my Bus Pirate v3.6 and I found it was pretty easy to use it’s transpartent UART bridge macro to…

    Maker, Rasberry Pi

  3. Arturo

    A command-line tool for Arduino Arturo is a fork from ino/master. The original ino contributors did a fantastic job but they decided they no longer had time to maintain this tool. I asked them if they wanted me to take over ino but they preferred that I fork it.…

    Arturo, Arduino, Maker