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NW.js Won't Open my App?!

I just lost half a day to a frustrating bug in NW.js and wanted to put the solution out into the interwebs. I was developing an app on OSX, we’ll call it "Neat App" for this post, and running it from the commandline:

/path/to/nwjs-sdk/nwjs.app/Contents/MacOS/nwjs .

Suddenly it stopped working.

I’d run this command, the nwjs process would start, the nwjs helper process would start, but then …​ nothing. No window, no error logs, no crash. It would just hang forever. I tried deleting every cache I could find to no avail. Finally I did a brute force search for "Neat App" on my filesystem:

/Users/32bits/Library/Application\ Support/Neat\ App
   /Users/32bits/Library/Caches/Neat\ App


I deleted these two folders and my app started working normally again. Apparently something in these folders, keyed on the app name in the manifest.json, can become corrupted.