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A command-line tool for Arduino

Arturo is a fork from ino/master. The original ino contributors did a fantastic job but they decided they no longer had time to maintain this tool. I asked them if they wanted me to take over ino but they preferred that I fork it. And so Arturo was born.

Stay tuned for more details and changes. I do plan on going through the existing ino PRs and issues to see if there’s anything I can fix.

I am looking for other contributors as well. I especially need Windows and Linux testers as I’m doing all this work on a mac.

Installing Arturo

Clone this repo, cd Arturo, make install.

Remember that the Arturo command is ano. It should not conflict in any way with ino and you can install the two side-by-side (please file any issues if this is not true).

Make sure you do an ano clean if you had previously built using ino. I will try to handle this automatically in a future release.